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High School

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Secondary Education

Secondary education is very much important for the preparation for life. It is the link-stage between elementary and higher education. The role of secondary education in national development is immense. The secondary stage of education comprises of:

  1. A lower secondary stage of 3 or 2 years without any specialization (Class VIII to X)

  2. A higher secondary stage of 2 years of general education. (Class XI to XII) or one to three years of vocational education.

The aims and objectives of higher are:

  1. Further, to inculcate high ideals of life such as justice, truthfulness, righteousness, and new values of life leading to an integrated way of life.

  2. To cultivate new knowledge and to create a new truth.

  3. To develop independent thinking, freedom of conscience, excellence, and critical spirit.

  4. Create a new social order to promote equality and social justice. Also, to nurture the society and help in its all-round development.

  5. To create a spirit of human welfare, international unity, peace and friendship, and world citizenship.

  6. To preserve the democratic values of life such as liberty, equality, fraternity, tolerance, cooperation, fellow-feeling, etc.

  7. Also, to achieve unity of mind and interdependence of knowledge.

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