Essence of Education

Aims and Objectives of Education are essential as they provide direction to the work, enables us to act intelligently and with meaning. Aims are the potential seeds from where the plant of educational policies grows. They are essential for efficient organisation and helps us to measure the outcome of education.

   Aims can be both generals as well as specific. The general aim and objectives of education is to cater to the all-round development of the individual. Further, it should foster the development of the child’s latent potentiality. Education must not only enrich and develop the individual but must help him to become a useful and productive member of society.

   Thus, the development of the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the pupils will be the goal. It should develop desirable values and attitudes. It should also develop the power of clear thinking, a scientific temper, and a rational way of thinking.

   Further it should develop the creative talents and interests, the aesthetic sense, and encourage self-expression. Another major aim of education is to prepare pupils to earn a living and to become self-sufficient. Aims and objectives differ from each and every stage of education.